Oolong Loose Leaf Tea (16-Ounce, Bulk)

Formosa Standard Taiwan Pure Oolong Tea, 175+ Cups Per Bag (1 Lb.)
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Oolong Standard Loose Leaf Tea is created through withering the tea under the strong sun and 50% oxidation before curling and twisting. Making an Oolong tea an earthy yet extremely drinkable tea.

Oolong is a great addition to any tea lovers collection. Oolong standard is an incredible tea for anyone that enjoys tea drinking. Oolong is a unique tea between black and green, that gives most tea drinkers a refreshing switch from common teas like Sencha or English Breakfast.

Our Oolong loose leaf tea is a Taiwan origin Oolong that is an incredible interpretation of a China Oolong, that provides an extremely enjoyable robust cup of Oolong.

2.000 x 9.000 x 7.000


1.04 lb

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