Fruit-Tea Summer Tea Sampler Refreshing Loose Leaf Tea

6-Tin Gift Set w/ Approx 90+ Cups
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Small batch hand packed flavored black teas, sourced from one of Americas oldest tea importers. This sampler of six flavored teas provides a great range of flavors, and flavoring types.

This sampler pack of loose leaf black teas, includes:

Blackberry Loose Leaf Black Tea
Raspberry Loose Leaf Black Tea
Strawberry Kiwi Loose Leaf Black Tea
Gold Rush Passion Peach Loose Leaf Black Tea
Tropicana Tropical Loose Leaf Black Tea
Vanilla Loose Leaf Black Tea

Each of these flavored black teas in our assortment is small batch flavored in European flavor house, then shipped to the US in sealed foil bags and gotten to market with a week or so of being flavored, to ensure only the highest quality and fresh flavored black teas.

Note: 4-ounce tea tins refers to volume not weight [as weight of tea varies]. Each tin is 2.6 inches wide and 2 inches tall and holds 1/2 cup of tea leaves maximum.

6.500 x 3.500 x 6.500


1 lb

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