RPG Fudge Dice Set

Role Playing Games Purple and Green Customizable Dice
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Fudge dice are a handy tool in freeform role playing games that allows the Game Master (GM) and other players to define character traits numerically. Our set of 8 fudge dice (4 purple and 4 green) is ideal for this purpose. Fudge dice are sometimes referred to as "fate" dice.

From the Manufacturer: If you're trying to climb daunting cliffs, slay really large rats, or threaten the Evil Prince with bodily harm, you're going to need a great set of Dice. This Fudge Dice Set can help streamline action strategy game moves when playing The Princess Bride RPG. This pack has 8 beautiful Fudge Dice, four translucent green, and four translucent purple. These Fudge Dice replace the three six-sided dice needed for skill resolution. To use them, simply add up each "+" and subtract each "-". This is the bonus or penalty to your skill. These dice can be used for any Fudge or Fate game, too.

Standard 6-sided dice size
Color, 4 green and 4 purple, semi-transparent, print is white
Each die comes with 2 "plus" sides, 2 "minus" sides and 2 "blank" sides
Care Instructions

Hand wash with detergent and air dry


2.000 x 1.000 x 5.000


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