Funny Face Wooden Spoons (Set of 6)

Smiley Face Emotional and Silly Kitchen Cooking Utensil Set
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By Darware

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Smiley face, frown face, angry face, sad face, silly face . . . who knew spoons could be so expressive? Enjoy your emotional spoons or share them as a gift to cheer up a friend. These would make a great Mother’s Day gift, bridal shower novelty or housewarming gift for a chef.
Child-friendly: Loop this together with a string for a great sensory kitchen activity for your little ones.
Includes 2 spoons, 3 spatulas, one wooden fork
Size: Each around 12 to 12.5 inches long and 2.4 to 2.7 inches wide; handle thickness .3 inches (31 x 6 cm.)
Weight: Each around 2 ounces average (60 grams)
Material: Beech wood, healthy hardwood
Care Instructions

Hand Wash


3.000 x 2.600 x 13.000


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