Gallon Bleach Pump Bottle

Big Laundry / Cleaning Pump Dispenser Jug
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Convenient and elegant, this giant glass pump dispenser is ideal for repackaging liquid bleach for a coordinated household decor. These dispensers are great for business and home use and perfect for large households and busy families.
The size and weight of the bottle keeps them stable when you pump, preventing it from falling over. Each “pump” will dispense approximately 2 tablespoons. The glass bottle is dishwasher safe.
Pump is quite powerful. Finally, there may be residue in the tube that drips [just like your laundry soap spout], so use a drip tray.
Caution: Make sure the pump mouth is inside the container that you are filling or you may squirt yourself.

Commercial laundry businesses
Home: Use for laundry care repackaging and easy dispensing and measuring
Residence Halls: Dorm laundry room
Community Living: Apartment complex laundry facilities


Capacity: 1 gallon = 16 cups = 128 fluid oz = 3.8 liters
Pump size and cap size 38-400 (38 mm.); Interior tube length 11 inches (28 cm.)
Output [per pump]: 1 fluid ounce = 2 tablespoons = 1/8 cup = 30 ml
Material: Pump top polypropylene #5 plastic, spring stainless steel, BPA-free
Jug dispenser: Glass, lead free, food grade
Size - Jug height of jug without pump: 13 inches, jug diameter 8 inches, pump top 4 inches long with spout
Jug height with pump (not extended): 13 inches (33cm); with pump extended: 17 inches (43cm)
Pump height from cap to top (extended): 4 inches (10cm)
Black Script: bleach
Caution: Observe extra caution when using. You do NOT want to get bleach near your eyes. Do not use pump bottle at eye level.
Care Instructions

Hand wash


6.875 x 6.750 x 14.500


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