Galvanized Metal Christmas Tree Collar (Case of 4)

29-Inch Diameter Base for Large Trees, 5-Panel Version
$125.99 USD

Cover up ugly Christmas tree stands with our classic Christmas tree collar. Our collar is perfect for a "modern farmhouse" Christmas or rustic vintage decor. The style of the tree skirt is distressed galvanized metal. On one side is a design for "Fresh Cut Christmas Trees". Or if you prefer it without the design, just reverse the collar to put the design against your wall.
As assembled, this tree skirt will complement large trees even up to 10 foot tall [measure your stand to ensure fits within 29-inch diameter base].
If you have a smaller, tree, you can reassemble 4 sides in a square configuration or 3 sides in a triangle configuration and have a charming tree collar for a smaller tree or pencil tree (Note: We also sell a smaller version of this tree collar: search 23-inch AuldHome tree collar).

Big upgrade on a tree stand or skirt, works like a "choker necklace" for the bottom of your tree
Hides the base of your tree, helps hide a bare lower trunk
Keeps cats and other pets away from your tree trunk
Disassembles into 5 parts for easy storage or transport
Better than a tree skirt, no wrinkles, won't be used as a pet bed or chew toy!

100% iron materials
Base diameter 30 inches (exterior), top diameter 23.5 inches, vertical height of sides 10 inches
As 4-panel square, it will measure 24 inches across at bottom and 19 inches across at top
As 3-panel triangle, it will measure 18 inches at base, and 14 inches across at top
Color silver gray mottled galvanized with distressed edges at weld points, printed motif in red and black
Easy assembly, line up two metal tubes, drop in pins; assembly time 5-10 minutes
Hardware included.

12.000 x 18.000 x 22.750


31.6 lb