Gingerbread Cookie Christmas Ornaments (Set of 12)

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Add a delightful touch of holiday nostalgia to your Christmas tree with our set of 12 gingerbread cookie or gingerbread house ornaments. These charming decorations are crafted to capture the warm and cozy spirit of the season. Each ornament is shaped like a classic gingerbread cookie, complete with intricate icing detailing that showcases the whimsical designs you'd find on real gingerbread treats. Choose between a set of 12 gingerbread shaped decorations. Made from durable clay, they are designed to last for years, becoming treasured keepsakes that can be passed down through generations. Hang them on your tree, adorn wreaths, or use them to embellish garlands for a truly festive and heartwarming holiday display that evokes the magic of Christmases past. These clay gingerbread cookie ornaments are the perfect way to celebrate the season with a touch of tradition and sweetness.

Jumbo Size: Gingerbread house ornaments - Ranges from 4.4 - 4.8 in. in height x 2.75 - 3.4 in. in width x 0.18 in. thick; Gingerbread assorted ornaments - Ranges from 4.6-5.3 in. in height x 3 - 4.6 in. in width x 0.18 in. thick
Color: Light brown, white details
Quantity: 4 each of 3 styles
Material: Clay dough
Care: Wipe with dry cloth
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