Glass Pump Soap Dispenser Bottles (Case of 24 Sets)

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Decorate your home and kitchen with ease with our convenient containers for dish soap and liquid soap. These pump bottles are pre-labeled with "hands" and "dishes" so there will be no confusion for either you or your guests.


Size -- each bottles is 8.5 inches tall with pump open or 7.75 inches tall with pump locked closed: bottle diameter is 2.9 inches, pump head 1.7 inches
Capacity -- standard 16 oz. Boston round holds 16 fluid ounces (2 cups, 475 milliliters)
Color -- clear glass bottles, black pump top, black writing for labeling
Material -- lead free flint glass bottle, BPA-free polypropylene #5 pump top
Care -- avoid abrasive cleaners on labeling for best results; hand wash
Tips -- to open your pump top the first time, a) remove pump from bottle b) grasp base of pump below cap with one hand c) with your other hand, turn pump counter-clockwise
Care Instructions

Hand wash for best results


17.000 x 14.000 x 21.250


32.2 lb

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