Glass Wasp Traps (Case of 12)

Wasp Catchers for Garden and Home Use
$152.99 USD
By Darware

Do you have problems with wasps in your garden? Your next summer party or BBQ can be more pleasant if the wasps end up in these traps instead of in your drink! Or try hanging from the eaves where wasps like to nest. Glass bottles won't be degraded by the sun like plastic bottles, and these are definitely more attractive. Even attractive enough to use indoors!
Enjoy our value pack of two classic glass wasp traps. Add sweet fruit juice or sugar water to attract wasps and yellowjackets or bees. They can get in but can't get out. Hang these from tree branches, a post, or on your porch or deck. These are ideal pesticide free wasp control.
Also, if you want to catch fruit flies and gnats, you can use vinegar in these.
Other decorative uses: candle holder, vase, home decor


Size--7 inches tall by 5 inches diameter, wire loop 6 inches tall
Mouth opening 1.2 inches
Color--clear glass, black wire, natural color cork
Weight--each bottle weighs 1 lb 6 ounces
Glass is dishwasher safe, hand wash cork separately
Bait not included--you need to add fruit juice or sugar water


Tip bottle to pour in fruit juice or sugar water (1 part sugar to 4 parts water).
Put cork back on.
Hang in garden.
To clean, remove cork, dump and rinse with hose. Variation: Put entire unit in a zipper seal bag. Place in freezer 15 minutes. Remove and now insects will be dead and easier to clean out.
Bait options: Mix honey and water, maple syrup and water, or jam and water, or use hummingbird feeder solution. However, it is good to add some vinegar and a couple drops dish soap (helps break surface tension of liquid). In the spring, add a piece of meat as wasps are hungry for protein in spring.

14.000 x 17.000 x 20.000


37 lb