Greek God Zeus Planter Pot (Large Size, Case of 8)

Garden Decor Statue Head Planter
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By Esterno

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Zeus is the god of the sky in ancient Greek mythology, and in Roman theology, his name is Jupiter. As the chief Greek deity, Zeus is considered the king, ruler, protector, and father of all gods and humans. Zeus is often depicted as an older man with a beard and is represented by symbols such as the lightning bolt and the eagle. Our planter pots are made of resin so they are durable and great for indoor or outdoor use. Each comes with a drainage hole. The large size is ideal for cacti, flowers, and herbs.

Size: 7.6 x 6 x 8.75 inches (19.4 x 15.2 x 22.2 centimeters)
Large Pot Capacity: Approx. 64 oz (8 cups ;Weight (Empty) Large: 2.45 lb (1.11 kg)
Material: Resin
Color: Gray

16.000 x 22.000 x 19.000


21 lb

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