Half Gallon Glass Pump Dispenser Bottle (Black, Case of 9)

64-Ounce Jug with Pump for Sauces, Syrups, Soaps and More
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By Darware

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Convenient and elegant, our giant glass pump dispenser is very handy for liquid, sauces and syrups that you want to dispense in larger portions. Each “pump” will dispense 2 tablespoons. A glass bottle is food safe, sturdy and easy to sterilize. These bottles also come with chalk label stickers in various shapes so that you can label your bottles for food, shampoo, or whatever you like.

Commercial kitchen use: Dispense sauces, maple syrup, snow cone syrups, liquid butter flavoring, oils, or liquids
Coffee shop use: For coffee syrups, cold brew, or flavorings
Utility use: For pet shampoo, hair care, livestock supplements, laundry detergent or car care (car wash fluid, tire wash)
Note: Vinegar and other acidic liquids can cause wear on the inner metal pump spring, rinse pump after use

Includes: one 64-ounce glass jug, one dispensing pump, one cap for storage
Output [per pump]: 1 fluid ounce = 2 tablespoons = 30 ml
Pump & Cap size: 38-400 (38mm)
Color: Choose between white painted with white pump or black painted with black pump
Material: pump top polypropylene #5, spring stainless steel, BPA-free, cap polypropylene, BPA-free
Jug /container: glass, lead free, food grade

19.000 x 16.000 x 19.000


28 lb

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