Halloween Pumpkin Decorating Kit (Woodland Friends Set)

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Help your kids design deluxe Jack-o-lanterns with our themed pumpkin accessory sets. All metal pieces can be reused year after year and are much sturdier than stickers or plastic. Easily decorate real or foam pumpkins with our two unique themed sets of accessories to fully decorate two large jack o'lanterns. These sets are great for parties, gifts, craft projects and even Thanksgiving gatherings.
In addition, in the summertime, you could also decorate a watermelon or a cantaloupe with this cute set too.


Fox set includes 4 pieces with 1 large tail, 1 face, and 2 ears
Raccoon set includes 4 pieces with 1 large tail, 1 face, and 2 ears
Fox colors: Orange, red, brown, beige, white and black
Raccoon colors: Dark gray, light gray, pink, white, black
Size examples: Fox tail 12.25 x 5 inches, face 7.75 x 4.75 inches, ears 4.75 x 2 inches
Raccoon tail 7.75 x 5.5 inches, face 7 x 5 inches, ears 3.5 x 1.75 inches
Material: Galvanized steel
TIP: Use a screwdriver to "start" the hole and then easily slip into the pumpkin; clean thoroughly before storage.
*** Adult supervision recommended. Recommended for ages 8+
Care Instructions

Hand wash with mild soap


9.750 x 1.500 x 10.000


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