Hobnail Glass Soap Dispensers (White, Case of 48)

Decorative Pump Bottles
$189.99 USD

Did you know that hobnail glass was a popular design in the Victorian age? It was known as "dewdrop glass" and was a favorite of the Victorian aristocrats. It was later popularized and took its final design in the 1950s by Fenton Glass.
Now you can bring this beautiful and stylish vintage glass into your home to compliment your fashionable decor style. Choose from a simple clear glass design, a classic blue/green "soda glass" style, or white powder coated. With AuldHome Design's pack of three, these countertop dispensers are great for multi-bathroom households or for placing one in the bathroom, one in the kitchen, and one for lotion!
Quantity: Receive 3 matching pump bottles
Size: Each bottle measures 7.6 x 3 inches (19 x 8 cm)
Capacity: 1.5 cups / 12 fluid ounces (355ml)
Style: Hobnail
Color: Choose from clear, pale soda green, or opaque white
Material: Lead free glass and stainless steel pumps. BPA-free plastic tubing
Pump top brushed stainless steel. Silver gray, doesn’t show fingerprints

16.000 x 18.000 x 21.000


38 lb

SKU: 16X_SH_2386_CASE