Horticultural Charcoal for Indoor Plants

Hardwood Soil Additive for Orchids, Terrariums, and Gardening
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Our Horticultural Charcoal is 100% natural, hardwood charcoal. Horticultural charcoal is typically used as a soil additive for gardening. Horticultural charcoal aids in lightening heavy soils, to allow for better root growth. This in turn assists with drainage and flushing toxins. This soil additive is perfect for use with orchids, African Violets, and Venus Fly Trap planting as well. It is not intended for use in litter boxes, food or cosmetics. The benefits are helping retain nutrients, acting as a natural filter, providing a drainage layer, helping prevent odors and filter harmful substances, and increasing air flow. Charcoal is very helpful for aeration and root health. Recommended uses are in terrariums and with air plants, with orchids, for bonsai trees, and for general potting for drainage, especially for in the bottom of a pot without drainage holes. DISCLAIMER: Though this horticultural charcoal is processed in the same way that “activated charcoal” is processed, the term “activated” is reserved for food grade charcoal.
Care Instructions

Store in a cool, dry place.