Horticultural Grade Rice Hulls

All Natural Organic for House Plants and Chicken Bedding
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Rice hulls are one of the most sustainable soil additive available for improving drainage, water holding capacity and aeration. They make a great alternative to vermiculite or perlite. Rice hulls are nontoxic and biodegradable, so they feed the soil as they break down. However, they are stable enough to last for the typical gardening season before decomposing, so the soil will enjoy the benefits of moisture regulation and aeration while your organic vegetables grow. They are also great for terrariums and chicken bedding. Though rice hulls don’t last as long in the soil as vermiculite or perlite, they are a sustainable product that turns food waste into a garden soil additive and doesn’t involve mining raw materials from the ground.

TIP: For your garden, spread about a two-inch layer of rice hulls across the surface when you fertilize your garden plot in the spring.

INGREDIENTS: Horticultural grade rice hulls
Care Instructions

Store in a cool, dry place.