Horticultural Perlite Soil Additive

for Enhanced Potting Mix Drainage and Growth
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Perlite is suitable for growing plants without any soil. As a soilless growing medium, perlite retains some moisture and also allows oxygen to get to the roots. Perlite also works well as a soil additive or for use in hydroponic gardening. The fact that perlite doesn't hold water is why it is so useful in a hydroponic system, as the air held within its pores helps keep the system oxygenated. Perlite has a neutral pH, so it won't affect or interact with the water or liquid nutrients used within the system.

TIP: For container gardens and potted plants, use up to 1/3 perlite per container. Succulents and orchids especially love perlite, and their potting soil can be mixed with half or even more perlite depending on the species.

INGREDIENTS: Premium grade horticultural perlite
Care Instructions

Store in a cool, dry place.