Hydroponic Mason Jar Starter Kit (10-Piece Set)

$17.99 USD

Thank you for choosing the Hydroponic Mason Jar Growing Kit from Soil Sunrise. This complete starter kit includes all the aquaponics accessories you need to start growing your own herbs, vegetables, and more in the comfort of your home. The kit includes two painted mason jars (color may vary), two 3 inch hydroponic net pots, four rockwool growing cubes, and a package of clay pebbles. The painted jars eliminate mold growth and light from entering and damaging the roots while the included 3 inch net pots allow for optimal oxygenation and hydration of your plants' roots. The rockwool cubes provide the perfect starting environment for seed germination and root growth, and the clay pebbles provide essential drainage and aeration. Plus, the kit includes instructions to help you get started. Start growing fresh and healthy plants today! Create a windowsill herb garden. This makes a great starter kit and is ideal even for teaching your children about hydroponics. It would make a great classroom teaching aid also for a biology or botany class.

* Note: Seeds of your choice and liquid growing medium not included. You will need to purchase these separately.
Care Instructions

Store in a cool, dry place.


7.500 x 4.500 x 8.500


2.6 lb