Ice Maker Scoop w/Holder (Case of 111)

Scooper Accessory for Counter Top Ice Makers and Machines
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By Darware

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So there are just too many uses for this. Sure it is designed to install on the side of a countertop ice maker. But, you will probably find yourself wanting one for your ice chest. Then another one in the pantry next to your rice and flour. And in your garage next to the bird seed and pet food. Then on the side of your mini fridge in your wet bar ...
Then get one for the office for your company ice machine. Too, too many options. This is ideal for nugget or pellet ice makers.


Size: holder is 5 inches tall by 2.6 inch wide by 2.4 inch deep; scoop is 9 inches long x 2.5 inch wide x 2 inch deep; bowl of scoop is 4.8 inch long
Capacity: scoop leveled capacity 8 fluid ounces, actual capacity varies with size of ice cube; not suitable for jumbo size cubes Weight: with holder, 4.2 ounces
Color: silver stainless steel, natural semi-transparent scoop
Material: sturdy stainless steel frame, rigid plastic scoop (polycarbonate), commercial quality
Included: two sticky pads [2-sided] for mounting
Care: to install, thoroughly clean surface before mounting stickers; make sure surface is dry; wait half an hour before installing scoop

21.500 x 21.250 x 21.750


41.5 lb