Jade Plant Potting Soil Mix

Hand Blended additive for Jade Succulents
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This blend is custom-designed for the needs of Jade succulent plants. The best soil for jade plants is a mix of coarse sand and organic matter. Our blend is a mix of high quality blend of coconut coir, perlite, earth worm castings, horticultural charcoal, and pine bark - making it the perfect growing environment for jade plants, Fast draining, rich soil for growing jade plants, as well for the pre-bonsai stage for those looking to bonsai their jade plants.

TIP: Since jade plants are so slow-growing, it's not urgent to repot your plant on a regular basis—they can live happily in a too-small container for years. However, Jades should be repotted every few years as a matter of routine, and they can be safely repotted any time of year. Choose a pot no more than two sizes larger than the current container.

Ingredients: Coconut coir, pine bark, worm castings, horticultural charcoal, and horticultural perlite
Care Instructions

Store in a cool, dry place.