Kombucha Jar Cloth Covers (4-Pack)

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Brew safe, brew bug-resistant with our fine mesh woven muslin cloth covers for kombucha tea brewing, kefir making, and yogurt production. These makes a handy accessory for any home brewing or fermenting project.
Protect SCOBY from fruit flies while still having a breathable cover. This is also suitable for making homemade kefir or probiotic yogurt where you also need a cloth cover.

Material: 100% unbleached cotton muslin cloth, all-natural
Size: 8 by 8 inches square, fits gallon and half gallon jars and wide mouth mason jars [not intended for large 2 gallon continuous brew system]
Finished sewn edges
Includes: Four complimentary rubber bands for fastening
Wash before using, hand wash for best results
Care Instructions

Machine wash with cold water


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