Kombucha Loose Leaf Tea Blend Rooibos /Gunpowder Green (8oz)

Handmade Custom Blend For Brewing Feat. Rooibos & Gunpowder
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Enjoy the unique experience of Rooibos & Gunpowder Green Tea Kombucha. Rooibos provides a new unique flavor for your Kombucha, while still thriving off the Gunpowder Green Tea for a unique flavor profile.
Rooibos is an African bush tea popular for health reasons. Rooibos FEATURES: a delicious natural Vanilla flavor profile.
Gunpowder Green Tea aids itself to the growth of your SCOBY in this blend. Gunpowder FEATURES: a bold and smoky flavor, and is rich in antioxidants.
Packed in a resealable zipper bag for your convenience. 8oz tea blend can create approx. 240+ 8oz Cups, or 15 gallons.

4.000 x 12.000 x 8.000


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