Large Glass Coin Bank Jar

Half Gallon Clear Piggy Bank w/ Gold Slotted Lid
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Whether you are teaching your young adult basic savings or putting pocket change in a travel fund jar for that dream trip, our large glass coin bank jar is ideal. Use for fundraisers or party prizes. You can even use as a tip jar, change organizer or swear jar.

Our glass jar has a wide base, a generous capacity, and a low profile, perfect for use on a counter, desk or table.


Size: Jar is 6.3 inches tall and 5.6 inch diameter
Mouth opening: jar mouth is 3.9 inch diameter, easy to empty
Lid size: 110 millimeter with 400 threading (110-400); note this is wider than a wide mouth mason jar, even easier to access
Color: crystal clear see-through jar, gold lid
Style: Round low profile wide mouth jar with sturdy base
Material: Clear lead free glass, metal lid
Individual weight [with top] 26 ounces

Compatible: Jar lid is compatible with our Cornucopia Brands half gallon and gallon glass jars
Care: Glass jar is dishwasher safe; hand wash lid and dry immediately for best results
Note: This is a glass jar and is not intended for use by children under 12.
Care Instructions

Dishwasher Safe


6.300 x 6.300 x 10.250


2 lb

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