Lavender Potting Soil Mix

Indoor / Outdoor Container Gardening Blend for Lavender Herb Plants
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Lavender prefers a sandy loam soil that is well-aerated, well-drained, and mildly rich with nutrients. This custom blend includes peat moss, perlite, pumice, sand, horticultural charcoal, worm castings and lime. This mix will provide aeration, drainage, and nutrients to your lavender plants.

TIP: Besides being beautiful and aromatic, lavender flowers are also edible. They can be used raw in salads, added to soups and stews, used as a seasoning, baked into cookies, and brewed into tea. Use sparingly; a little lavender flavor goes a long way.
Ingredients: Peat moss, pumice, perlite, horticultural charcoal, coarse sand, worm castings, and lime
Care Instructions

Store in a cool, dry place.