Little Hobnail Drinking Glasses (Blue, 6oz, Case of 20)

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By Darware

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Dining Use: These are lovely size for serving juice and small servings of beverages.
Bar Use: These are the perfect size for whiskey or bourbon or Scotch, gin and tonic, double shots, rum, old fashioneds, whiskey or amaretto sours, lowballs, vodka tonics, rusty nails, and more.

Size: Each 3.25 inches tall and 2.75 inches diameter
Heavy Weight: 8.5 ounces each glass
Color: Transparent clear glass
Quantity: Set of 4 glasses
Material: Glass, lead free
Style: Beaded detail, hobnailstyle design, low profile; note hobnail glasses are also “easy grip”
Care: Dishwasher safe, not intended for hot beverages

11.000 x 15.500 x 23.250


32.4 lb

SKU: 5X_SH_1883_CASE