Long Fibered Sphagnum Peat Moss

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Our long fiber sphagnum peat moss has been thoroughly washed, so it is free of dust, sticks, mulch, and foreign objects. It can be used to line hanging baskets, as a seed starter, as a soilless growing media, for air layering, for growing orchids, as a soil additive, in terrariums, for floral design, for growing air plants, for growing carnivorous plants, or a top covering for houseplants.

Water retention - great as a soil additive OR holding moisture to create a humid environment in terrariums or cages
When it comes to venus fly traps and other carnivorous plants such as Sarracenia, Pitcher Plants, and Sundews, one of the best mediums you can use is long fiber sphagnum moss. Our high quality moss is perfect, and pre-washed, allowing for quick and easy use.

TIP: Mixing sphagnum peat moss with sandy soil will help hold onto needed moisture that may otherwise drain away. Mixing it into clay soil will help loosen the soil and allow it to drain better. Remember to pack this loosely when using with orchids and other tropical plants that need aeration.
INGREDIENTS: 100% Sphagnum long fiber dried moss (horticultural or reptile use)
Care Instructions

Store in a cool, dry place.