Loose Coco Coir Chips Mulch and Soil Amendment

Premium Coconut Coir Substrate for Plants and Container Gardening
$9.95 USD

Dive into the world of container gardening with our eco-friendly coco coir chips! Perfect for those who love their plants but are short on time, these chips keep your potted friends happy by locking in just the right amount of moisture and air. Say goodbye to the worries of over or under-watering. Our chips are a breeze to use, making your gardening journey smooth and your plants robust. Plus, they're kind to our planet! With our coco coir chips, you're not just giving your plants a boost; you're also making a green choice. Happy planting!
Alternative Uses: Hydroponics, mulch, worm farming, reptile bedding, composting, and crafts
Care Instructions

Store in a cool, dry place.