Metal Wall Ring Planters (8in, White, Case of 64)

Wall-Mounted Garden Pot Holders
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By Esterno

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Adding plants to your home creates a living space that is warm and welcoming. Use our round metal plant rings to mount planter pots to a wall or fence taking advantage of vertical gardening space. Create a variety of wall garden designs that complement vintage, farmhouse, contemporary, antique or modern decor.

Product Features
Size - Ring = 8 in. diameter (20 cm.); Mounting base = 1 in. width X 4.25 in. length (2.5 x 11 cm.) ; Each weighs 5.2 oz. (150 gr.); screw holes measure 1/4 in. in diameter, ring interior diameter 7.5 in. (19cm)
Material - heavy duty steel with white coating
Color - white metal rings
Quantity - 4 steel rings; pots NOT included
Screws and wall anchors suitable for lightweight use on drywall are included
Suitable for indoor or outdoor use

19.000 x 20.000 x 19.000


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