Mini Hexagon Glass Jars, 1.5oz Hex Jars

For Spices, Gifts, Party Favors, DIY and More
$22.99 USD

Choose 24 or 48 pack of 1.5 oz hexagon jars with gold lids

Made of high quality and thick glass, our hexagon jars are incredibly useful for multiple applications.


Hexagon jars for food packaging
Hexagon jars for wedding favors
Hexagon jars for spices
Hexagon jars for jelly and jam
Hexagon jars for samples, trial sizes & DIY crafts
Hexagon glass jars can meet any application for a small glass jar, including projects that require an airtight food safe seal.

DISCLAIMER: Again, size refers to volume 1.5 fluid ounces and not weight. Capacity is 3 tablespoons. If you have herbs, they are light but bulky. If you have ground spices, they are heavier but still bulkier than water.
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