Mini Individual Wine Carafes (Case of 48)

$203.99 USD

As an alternative to wine as a hostess gift, try bringing this lovely set of miniature wine carafes. These are perfect for serving a variety of wines, sharing individual servings, offering house wine, and much more. You can even use these for candle holders, mini vases, or serving various other beverages.

Size -- each carafe is 4 3/4 inch tall and 2.5 inch wide (2.25 inch wide at base)
Capacity -- recommended fill is 6.5 ounces / 200 milliliter maximum (if filled to rim, it would be 7-ounce); note a typical bottle of wine is 750 ml / 25 oz
Material -- clear lead free glass
Weight -- each bottle weighs 6 ounces
Narrow neck for easy pouring
Care Instructions

Dishwasher Safe


16.750 x 12.750 x 8.750


14.6 lb

SKU: 8X_SH_1646_CASE