Mini Plastic Spice Jars w/Sifters (Case of 864, Red Lids)

$849.99 USD

Holds 2 Tablespoons Each

These small spice jars are great for repackaging bulk spices, equipping starter homes or dorm rooms, taking on camping or boating trips, making party favors or gifts, providing samples, craft glitter use, or sharing spices. If you make your own DIY dehydrated spices or seasoned salt, these are very share-able.

Capacity Comparison: Ground spices about 1 ounces, seed spices about .9 ounces, herbs about .3 to .35 ounces

Alternative use: sand art, mica, oxides, minerals, crafts glitter, sensory jars, hummingbird feeders, fish food


Capacity: holds 2 tablespoons = 1 fluid ounce = 1/8 cup = 30 milliliters
Size: Each 2.1 inches tall by 1.8 inches diameter
Mouth opening: 1.45 inch mouth opening
Polypropylene jars and lids, BPA-free plastic
Color: natural semi-opaque jars, red caps, white sifter inserts
Snap-on sifter fitment has 1/8 inch holes
Label space on size recommended .99 in high by 4.75 inch max circumference
Do not put in dishwasher
Care Instructions

Dishwasher safe


17.500 x 19.000 x 23.250


31 lb

SKU: 72X_SH_1475_CASE