Mist Spray & Stream Sprayer Replacement Parts (Case of 330)

Fits Standard 8oz / 16oz Boston Round 28/400 Neck Bottles
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Enjoy our convenient replacement 6 pack of heavy duty 28mm fine mist spray tops. These have 3 settings: off, spray & stream.

These tops fit most standard boston round 16oz bottles (glass or plastic). They also fit some other common 16oz or 24oz spray bottles in HDPE plastic. To verify if they will fit your bottles, measure from outer rim to outer rim of your bottles mouth to see if that is 28mm. Or measure from inside rim to inside rim of your bottle's current lid (should be 28mm).
These fit all our Cornucopia Brand 8oz or 16oz Boston Round bottles in cobalt, amber, and clear.

Sprayer head: 3 inches long. Dip tube: 9 inches long--cut to your desired length. Trigger pull 1.5 inches long. Material: black BPA free plastic. Quantity: 6 pieces.

Mix & Match: If you have a different closure top such as a pump or lid, these allow you to add a spray variation.
Care Instructions

Dishwasher safe


18.000 x 15.000 x 23.000


23.5 lb

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