Multi-Chamber Bat House

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Uncle Dunkels Handcrafted Wooden Bat Rocket Box; Mountable Multi-Chamber Bat Shelter (Choose Size)

Provide a safe habitat for your local wildlife! Built to last, this pine nesting box has been assembled by hand using high quality weather resistant materials. This allows the house to withstand the elements while being mounted outdoors. Each bat roost is also hand painted using a 5-year rated acrylic deck and fence stain and a 25-year rated shingle is attached to the roof. According to Bat Conservation International, North American bats seek out loose tree bark and tree hollows to roost. This makes these bark-clad bat houses ideal! Designed to naturally attract bats, we have made the wide chambers within the bat house a warm, dry, tight-fitting and draft free environment that mimics these natural crevices. Go batty with our Uncle Dunkels Backyard Rocket Box Bat House!

Benefits of Owning a Bat House
Insect control (especially mosquitos!)
Pollination assistance - it’s not just the birds and bees!
Natural fertilizer - guano or “bat poop” provides a nutrition-filled fertilizer for your plants
Bat conservation - give a bat a safe place to live and procreate after habitat destruction

Choose size: 3-chamber - 5.75 inches deep x 8.68 inches wide x 24 inches tall (14.6 x 22 x 70 cm) - for up to 75 bats, 4-chamber - 8.25 inches deep x 8.25 inches wide x 24 inches tall (21 x 21 x 61 cm) - for up to 100 bats
Color: Natural wood color
Material: Real pine wood, recycled tree bark
Includes: Heavy duty D-ring hanger and (3) 2.5 inch long deck screws for easy installation
Made in the USA