My Forest Friends Christmas Ornaments (Case of 60 Sets)

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By Darware

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Nature can enter your living room with this beautiful hand-detailed set of wilderness animals. Receive a set of 6 wild forest animals including a brown fox, grey raccoon, brown & tan squirrel, grey porcupine, fawn, and grey owl. This set is great for kids and nature fans. Beyond Christmas, this set is also perfect for baby showers, kids' room decor, and gifting.


Stuffed figures with embroidered edging and accents
Size 4 to 4.25 inches tall & 3 to 3.25 inches wide
Burlap string hanging loops each 3.5 inches long
6 unique animals

14.000 x 17.750 x 18.500


14 lb

SKU: 60X_SH_1023_CASE