Nuclear War Card Game - 50th Anniversary Edition

Science Fiction
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From the Manufacturer: "Two to eight players engage in touchy negotiations until a warmonger pushes the button! This hilarious card game is easy to learn and fast to play. But watch out: if everyone is wiped out - nobody wins! Includes a regular deck of full-color population cards."

# of players - 2 to 8 players
Recommended age - 13 & Up
Invented by Doug Malewiki, updated by Rick Loomis
Edition - 50th Anniversary Kickstarter edition
Release date - April 2016
Playing time - 30-60 minutes
Contents Spinner, 3 decks of cards, 8 play mats
Manufacturer part # - FBI-6050
Publisher - Flying Buffalo Inc. (FBI)
Languages - English
Care Instructions

Do Not Wash


8.200 x 1.600 x 11.900


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