Nut Bar Squirrel Feeder (Case of 8)

Funny Bar Stool Outdoor Squirrel Feeder
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By Esterno

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Squirrels don’t need picnic tables, they need a nut bar. It’s “Happy Hour” for squirrels. Now squirrels can take a seat on a bar stool, pony up to the bar and snack on peanuts while they wait … no wait a minute, squirrels have enough accidents on the road without drinking too! This outdoor squirrel feeder is both decorative and cute. It is ideal for winter feeding of your furry backyard visitors.

Size: 15 inches tall by 10 inches across by 4.25 inches deep
Easy to open and clean, upper wooden ledge is hinged to fold up, and then white front cover slides out and can be put in dishwasher
Feeder Capacity: 3.5 cups of unshelled peanuts, nuts, or seeds
Includes: Seating for 4 squirrels
Material: Pine wood with plastic feeder box cover
No Assembly Required: Arrives fully assembled, you just need to hang it up, hanging brackets not included, screws and wall anchors provided for mounting on dry wall / soft wall
Mounting: Can be wall-mounted, fence-mounted, tree-mounted, porch wall etc
DIY Options: Comes in natural wood so you can paint it, decorate it or personalize it

17.000 x 21.000 x 23.000


38 lb

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