Open Bar / Cash Bar Reversible Sign for Wedding Receptions and Events (Case of 72)

Farmhouse Rustic Tabletop Bar and Alcohol Sign
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By Darware

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This rustic-style wooden sign is a charming addition to weddings and events. It comes in two pieces, a sign and a base, and is made of real wood that has a brown color and a natural texture. The sign has white script that stands out beautifully against the wood. The sign is reversible, with one side saying "Open Bar" and the other saying "Cash Bar". The "Open Bar" side features small print that reads "The drinks are on us", making it a perfect choice for events where the host is providing drinks for their guests. On the other side, the "Cash Bar" option is great for events where guests are responsible for purchasing their own drinks. This sign is designed to coordinate with another matching set of display signs for 8 alcoholic beverages. Together, they create a cohesive and stylish look for any event. Whether you're hosting a wedding, a corporate event, or a family gathering, this reversible wooden sign is sure to add a touch of rustic charm and practical functionality to your setup.

12.000 x 21.000 x 21.000


26 lb

SKU: 72X_SH_2448_CASE