Pan-fired Green Tea Loose Leaf (8oz Bulk Bag)

Chinese Origin
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Enjoy tea processed in one of China's oldest traditional tea drying methods .. heated in a big pan over even low heat.
If you don't like your green tea to taste grassy, pan-fired tea is for you as the roasting rather than steaming creates a fresh flavor.
This tea is also great as cold brew / iced tea especially with some fruit flavoring added.
When brewing, make sure your water is cooler than boiling (170 degrees F or so) and brew 1-3 minutes to taste.

About Solstice Tea Traders
We are a small company based in southern Kentucky. We work with some of the oldest tea importers in the world to provide you some of the best loved teas of all time. Our tea is sourced from popular tea growing regions of the world and packaged here in the U.S.A. We specialize in tea samplers so you can try many kinds of tea. We also enjoy providing special tea blends for kombucha lovers. In addition to tea, we sell our favorite tea accessories.

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