Patriotic Tea Sampler, 6 Assorted Loose Leaf Teas

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This variety set of loose leaf tea was developed out of our love and passion for both history and tea.
There were 6 different kinds of tea tossed into the Boston harbor by the Sons of Liberty in 1773. The teas in our sampler are all examples of these exact types of teas enjoyed in the 1700s so you can experience a taste of U.S. history in your own home.
Included in this tea sampler, are the following teas:
Bohea Black Tea- Bohea (boo-hee) originally came from the Fujian Province, an area in China which is often claimed to be one of the first locations to export tea.
Oolong (Bohea) - Oolong is a lightly oxidized tea with a gentle body and softer taste. Oolong is a type of tea that is between black and green.
Congou Black Tea - Congou was one of the truly high quality black teas to be exported out of China. Congou is actually pronounced as "kung fu" and translates to English as "made with great skill".
Souchong - Otherwise known as Lapsang Souchong, this tea is the closest to the original tea that was thrown in the harbor. We source this tea from the same regions and plantations as the East India Company did in 1773.
Singlo - Singlo accounted for the second largest amount of tea destroyed that day. Singlo is a higher quality green tea that is very much like the standard daily drinker green teas today.
Hyson - Hyson was the other green tea included on this fateful shipment of tea to the colonies. Believe it or not, green tea accounted for 20% or so of the volume of tea on the ships, and made up around 30% of the value of the loss.
PLEASE NOTE: Each tin measures 2.6 wide by 2 inches tall and holds approximately 1/2 cup tea and is measured by volume not weight so you may notice variations among the net weight of the tea.

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