Pitcher Plant Potting Soil Mix

Nepenthes Carnivorous Plant Custom Blend Soil additive
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Soil Sunrise specializes in custom soil additive blends. All of our products are sold with both experience and passion in mind.

This mix is a blend of dried moss, perlite and orchid bark which provides excellent drainage, nutrient retention, water retention, and aeration to roots to prevent root rot. This combination will provide a perfect, healthy growing environment for your pitcher plants. We hand-blend each batch of this soil to ensure each batch is the same quality and mixture as the one before it. We put heart into all our products, and this offering is no different.
Great for indoor or outdoor use.
Watch your plants thrive when you choose Soil Sunrise for all your gardening needs.

When growing pitcher plants indoors, water as-needed to keep the potting soil moist, but not soggy. Allow the pot to drain thoroughly after watering and never let the pot stand in water, as wet soil can cause the plant to rot. Most importantly, pitcher plants are sensitive to the chemicals in tap water and benefit greatly from distilled water or rain water.

Dried moss
Fir bark
Care Instructions

Store in a cool, dry place.