Plastic Wine Bottles (Case of 60, Green)

Empty Bordeaux-Style Wine Bottles w/ Screw Caps and Seals
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These plastic wine bottles are great for the situations where glass is just not convenient. They are lightweight, breakproof, pressure-tolerant, and kid-friendly. Use for travel, poolside, and decorative or arts and craft use.
We provide a complete set with screw-on caps and tamper-evident seals. The colored bottles are both attractive and UV-resistant.

Bottling wine and mead
Use for water bottle for self watering plant spikes
Arts & crafts
Centerpiece arrangements
Sparkling water packaging
Liquor packaging for poolside, travel, or places where glass is not allowed
Packaging novelty beverages such as coquito

Size: 11 inches tall by 3 inches diameter
Neck size: 28mm
Label space: Max 6.5 inches tall by 9 inches long
Style: Bordeaux long neck style
Quantity: Receive 10 empty bottles, 10 screw caps, and 10 black seals
Colored bottles for UV protection
Includes black plastic screw caps with liners and tamper-evident black seals
Bottles are PET #1 plastic
Care: Do not put in dishwasher or microwave, not intended for hot liquids
Care Instructions

Hand Wash


15.500 x 22.750 x 19.750


11.9 lb

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