Premium Hardwood Mulch for Houseplants

Shredded Wood Mulch for Indoor / Outdoor Container Gardening
$13.99 USD

Hardwood mulch is ideal for potted plants, offering both functional and aesthetic benefits. When used as a top layer in pots and planters, it helps maintain consistent soil moisture by reducing water evaporation. Moreover, it acts as a barrier against soil splashing, keeping the foliage and surrounding areas clean. Its application also discourages weed growth, ensuring that your plants don’t compete for nutrients and water. In addition, hardwood provides an attractive background.

Hardwood mulch brings several benefits. As it slowly decomposes, it enriches the potting mix with organic matter, improving the soil's structure and fertility. This gradual enrichment is ideal for container plants, which are limited to the nutrients available in their confined space. Additionally, the insulating properties of hardwood mulch help regulate soil temperature, protecting plant roots from extreme temperature fluctuations. For gardeners, the use of hardwood mulch means less frequent watering and reduced maintenance, as it keeps the soil moist and weeds at bay. Ultimately, hardwood mulch in container gardening not only promotes healthier plant growth but also adds an element of ease and elegance to your gardening endeavors.
Ingredients: 100% natural hardwood mulch
Use: Indoor / outdoor
Texture: Shredded / chopped
Color: Dark brown
Care Instructions

Store in a cool, dry place.