Regit the Plush Tiger Toy (Case of 25)

17-Inch Tall Striped Sitting Tiger Stuffed Animal
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By Attatoy

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I'm a big cat. Tigers are the king of the jungle and rule the other animals, but I'm just the perfect size to hug & carry around. My waist is 15 inches around for you to cuddle. I sit 17 inches tall. I am 27 inches total from ear tip to tail tip.
I've got classic orange fur with black stripes, but I have a white snout, white paws, and a white belly.
Comic & cartoon style plush pal: Yes, I look like a friendly comic character--I'm not scary like Rajah or Shere Khan.


No external parts; no buttons, no strings; all features are embroidered
Weight: 10 ounces
Color: orange, black, white
Exterior: short fuzzy fur
Material: 100% polyester, all new materials
Recommended for ages 3 & up: NEVER leave a stuffed animal in a crib with a baby.

22.500 x 16.500 x 24.500


21.2 lb

SKU: 25X_SH_1103_CASE