Replacement Lotion Pump Parts, 24mm (Case of 432)

Metal Soap Dispenser Pump Tops Fit Standard 4oz / 8oz
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Enjoy our convenient replacement set of brushed stainless steel pumps.
To verify if they will fit your bottles, measure from outer rim to outer rim of your bottle mouth to see if that is 24mm. Or measure from inside rim to inside rim of your bottle's current lid (should be 24mm). These fit our Cornucopia Brand 4oz / 8oz Boston Round bottles in cobalt & clear.
These pump tops are great for hand soap, body wash, shampoo, dish soap, cleaning mixtures, essential oil aromatherapy, & more. However, with a 3mm dip tube capacity, some lotions may be too thick for this type of dispenser.

Quantity: 6 pieces
Size: Pump head: 2.5 inches long. Dip tube: 4.5 inches long from inside lid to top - cut to your desired length. Inside diameter of dip tube 3 mm.
Fit: Compatible with most 24-400 glass & 24-410 plastic bottles up to 4.5 inch interior height (Note: dip tube is too short for bullet style 8-ounce bottles)
Mix & Match: If you have a different closure top such as a sprayer or lid, these allow you to add a pump variation.
DISCLAIMER: Stainless steel was originally misnamed [that's marketers for you]. It is highly corrosion resistant, but even stainless steel can develop damage if some strong chemicals are involved or if left soaking in a mixture with acidic material. See Wikipedia article on stainless steel for further information.
IMPORTANT: Will this fit my bottle? First check by taking a cap off a "2-liter soda bottle" & see if that size fits your bottle - if it does, do not buy this size, buy the 28mm size (see size variation). To use a measuring template, search "bottle cap sizer'' online. Again, these fit the smaller neck size bottles for 4oz & some 8oz Boston rounds. **
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