Resin Medusa Head Planter

Decorative Small Indoor Gardening Containers and Home Decor
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By Darware

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Invoke the Greek gods in your garden with this creative planter pot. Whether you don't like guests and prefer to turn them to stone or hope this will work on those nasty squirrels, add a touch of Gothic art deco and a definite hint of monster horror. This sculpted figure will complement your favorite plant whether it is a a cactus or favorite air plant or Venus Fly Trap.

Planter for house plants
Yard decoration
Shelf or desk decor
Party decor or centerpiece or favor
Halloween prop

Size - Choose mini or large size
Material - Resin
Color - Gray
Care - Wash with water, has drainage hole for plants so put on a tray or saucer if using water
Care Instructions

Hand wash


6.500 x 4.500 x 13.500


2 lb

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