Reusable Fabric Bowl Covers (Set of 3)

Rustic Farmhouse Themed Black and White Stretchy Cloth Bowl Covers
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Protect your food from kitchen to table to fridge with our charming set of elasticized cloth bowl covers. These eco-friendly usable bowl covers are also practical providing protection for outdoor events like picnics or potlucks or keeping the kids away from the snacks until ready to serve. Down with plastic wrap and recycled shower caps! Cover the bread dough while rising or prepped baking ingredients. Even cover your kombucha jar when making your "buch."


Size -- 3 sizes for 7-9 inch diameter, 8-10 inch diameter and 10-12 inch diameter
Color -- white with black print / design
Material -- polyester cotton blend with waxed interior for moisture resistance
Care -- hand wash for best results, cold to warm water; do not iron
Usage -- fits on smooth-rimmed large bowls, mixing bowls, pie pans, serving dishes; glass, plastic, metal, stainless, steel, etc.; use for fridge storage, picnics, and potlucks; designed for rounds but will also adapt to oval bowls
Design -- modern farmhouse rustic style with classic 3 classic designs including mason jar theme, black & white check, "Gather around the table"
Care Instructions

Machine wash with cold water


9.000 x 0.500 x 10.000


0.1 lb

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