Reversible Christmas/Winter Sign Set (2-Piece Set with 4 Designs, Case of 4)

Holiday and Seasonal Block Signs w/ Rustic Farmhouse Galvanized Frames
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Say "Merry Christmas" and decorate for the holiday season. Then after the holiday, reverse your signs for winter decor with our lovely 2-sign set. Each sign includes mixed materials for country rustic themed decor and a different theme on each side. These signs can be used as shelf decor, tabletop decorations, wall-mounted, tiered-tray signs, or even in the center of a wreath for door decor or propped on a Christmas tree branch.

Size: Taller sign 8.5 inches tall with hanging loop; 7.25 inches tall frame only, width 4 inches; square sign is 7.25 inches tall with hanging loop; 6 inches tall frame only, 6 inches wide
Theme and color: Taller sign has "jingle all the way" in black background with white raised 3D lettering and reverse side of sign has "walking in a winter wonderland" with night blue and white background and white lettering -- the word "winter" is raised 3D style
Square sign has "merry and bright" in black raised 3D lettering on distressed white wood grain style background with reverse side "Let's get cozy" on distressed white background with light blue snowflakes and navy blue print "cozy" has raised 3D letters
Material: Wood and galvanized steel
Weight: Each sign weighs around 9 ounces
Use: Free-standing or wall-mounted, indoor recommended

5.750 x 9.750 x 13.750


6 lb