Spooky Halloween House Village Silhouettes (Set of 3)

Scary Haunted House Wood Statue Figurines Centerpiece Set
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Elevate your Halloween ambiance with our captivating Haunted House Decorative Silhouette Set, a trio of exquisitely crafted pine wood houses painted in bewitching black . These enchanting structures exude an eerie charm, perfectly suited for transforming any space into a hauntingly chic spectacle. Whether adorning your centerpiece, gracing the coffee table, or casting intriguing shadows by the window, these meticulously designed pieces promise to infuse your surroundings with an unmistakable aura of spookiness and style.

Put on a windowsill for light-up backdrop at night
Put in front of candles
Decorate a fireplace mantel
Great for a Halloween party or Halloween themed wedding
Use as a dining table centerpiece or coffee table arrangement

6-Piece Set: Set of 3 building silhouettes each with base / stand
Size: Large house is 14.6 in. tall by 11 in. long by 1.6 in. wide base (37x28x4 cm.); medium house is 12.3 in. tall by 8 in. long x 1.6 in. base (31.2x20.3x4 cm.); small house is 12.25 in. tall by 8 x 1.6 in. long base (12.25x20.3x4 cm.)
Material: Pine wood
Color: Black
Care Instructions

Wipe with Damp Cloth


11.250 x 1.500 x 14.500


1.4 lb

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