Spring Tiered Tray Signs (Case of 40 Sets)

Bee-Themed Seasonal Home Decor Mini Signs
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Take home your baby bumblebees! Enjoy a set of small spring plaques for decorative tiered tray use, shelf decor, wall decor or even centerpiece or door wreath arrangements. Accent your living room, kitchen, bathroom or office. These "bee-themed" signs feature the phrases "sweet like honey", "bee kind" and a bee picture.


Size:each sign is 4 x 4 x 1/2 inch thick with frame
Frame edge width: 0.6 inch
Picture is free-standing "box" style with 0.5 inch diameter, optional hanging string attached for wall or door hanging
Color: "bee kind" frame is gray with gray and yellow on white background; bee image frame is yellow with yellow, black and gray on white background; "sweet like honey" frame is black with yellow, black and gray on white background
Material: MDF and wood

11.250 x 22.250 x 22.250


28.3 lb

SKU: 40X_SH_1867_CASE