Square Metal Tins (6-Pack)

for Tea, Gift Boxes, and Storage, 3-Inch Tall, 1-Cup Capacity
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These little black tins are ideal for kitchen, home and gifting. Package snacks and store tea. Fill with a favorite coffee bean, add a ribbon, and share with a friend. These tins are both attractive and functional. These are powder-coated in black giving ideal matte color which doesn't show fingerprints and smudges. FEATURES Volume: Holds 1 cup exactly Size: Each tin 3 inches tall with 2 1/4 inch sides Label space: Side panel 2.4 inches high x 1.5 inch wide; wraparound label 8.5 inch length max, top label 2 x 2 inch Shape: Square Style: Slip-on lid Material: Steel with tin coating and powder coat exterior Color: Choose color, all tins are matte for less fingerprints Quantity: 6 tins Care: Hand wash and immediately dry for best results; do not use abrasive cleaners or sponges
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