Stainless Steel Replacement Lotion Pump Parts (6 Pack)

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Enjoy our convenient replacement set of brushed stainless steel pumps.
These pump tops are great for hand soap, body wash, shampoo, dish soap, cleaning mixtures, essential oil aromatherapy, & more. However, with a 3mm dip tube capacity, some lotions may be too thick for this type of dispenser.

Quantity: 6 pieces
Fit: Choose Size
Mix & Match: If you have a different closure top such as a sprayer or lid, these allow you to add a pump variation.
DISCLAIMER: Stainless steel was originally misnamed [that's marketers for you]. It is highly corrosion resistant, but even stainless steel can develop damage if some strong chemicals are involved or if left soaking in a mixture with acidic material. See Wikipedia article on stainless steel for further information.
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